Top Tips for New Cruisers

Tomorrow we set sail with Carnival Cruise Line’s Vice President Jennifer Vandekreeke and her family onboard the fun ship Carnival Spirit! Whilst i’ve been fortunate enough to do day tours of a number of ships these past few years, this will be our second only family cruise.  We have great memories from our first and […]

5 proactive ways to avoid losing your child in crowded, public places

Nothing can describe the panic that a parent feels when their child disappears from sight in a crowded, public place. When you’re on holidays and visiting places like amusement parks, museums, shopping centers, beaches and airports crowds often go with the territory. The droves of people can’t be avoided but there are proactive things that […]

Travel with a toddler. I lived to tell the tale.

An Instagram friend has asked for some tips of how to entertain her 18 month old on an upcoming flight. I remember all too well the joys of flying with a toddler and one particular trip stands out. We were travelling from Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur.  I remember having to be overly organised not just […]