Tips for keeping your tribe entertained on the go. No. 1 Tiger Tribe it!

In true Christmas spirit, we have teamed up with portable children’s gifts and toys gurus Tiger Tribe to bring you our annual MEGA Christmas giveaway.

Win the gift of sanity when travelling with the kids or just trying to survive each day of the school holidays by checking out a few of our favourite things from the Tiger Tribe collection and then entering our promotion.


Parents often ask me what they can do to keep their kids entertained on a long-haul flight or holiday.  To be honest, I always have the iPads on standby BUT I don’t use them until all our other entertainment options have been exhausted.  These options include art & craft, books and small toys that they have to put together before using.

The boys have been unknowingly reviewing Tiger Tribe products for us for years. Each overseas holiday, road trip, or short stay-cation, I have always had some of their goodies in either our carry-on or checked baggage.  I can credit them for actual conversations over dinner and preventing the kids from trashing hotel rooms or having that in-flight meltdown.

Now that they are 9 and 7 the activity packs that they are interested in are a level-up and require a bit more skill, but the basic principals are still the same – I pick and pack portable, creative and time-intensive tasks – that don’t require any additional materials to get you started.

Thinking about it, I’m pretty sure that all of Tiger Tribe’s activities are exactly this  – so you are safe with whatever you choose from their website, as long as its matched to your child’s interests.

REVIEWED: Some Of Our Current Faves

1.Shooting Hoops Basketball

This all-inclusive set had our little NBA wannabes putting the kit together and trying their chances at getting the ball in the hoop.  It took quite a few tries, and a few wines/coffees on my part while they were busy at practice to get ‘nothing but net’.   Along the same lines, the boys also kid-tested  Penalty Shoot Out Soccer. What we loved about each of these activities is that they were age appropriate for the boys, compact and provided enough challenge for them to keep coming back to hone their skills over the course of a few days.

2. 3D Sci-Fi Colouring-In

Colouring in is an ageless entertainer but it’s even more fun in 3D. The glasses added an extra novelty factor for our boys who coloured away, waiting for their creations to come to life over dinner.

3. Shrinkies DIY

I’m not sure who had more fun with this activity – me or the kids. We made shrinkie keyrings that reminded me of a similar (and less safe) activity that I used to do with chip packets as a kid! We spent the afternoon colouring in our artwork on special ‘shrinkie’ paper and then put it in the oven (a mum job) to watch it shrink to a very cutesy size, ready for the keyring to be applied. My son proudly made personalised shrinkies for all his mates and took them to school the next day.

4. Foil Art – Under the Sea 

If your jetsetting kid loves detail, then they will really enjoy this activity kit. We turned blank under the sea canvases into beautiful works of art using nothing but the foil provided and sticky art sheets.

How it works: Essentially you peel off a sticker from where you’d like to apply say red foil, place the foil face up on the sticky spot, and then lift. What you’re left with is a beautiful and perfectly “in the lines” piece of art.  You continue on this path until all the stickers have been lifted and you have a finished product.

This activity is perfect for flights and mealtime when the kids have finished eating, but you’re not quite ready to go home. We’ve gone through a few of these kits. Our last one was used on a cruise ship.

5. Super Spy Cameras 

The boys put their imaginations to work ‘super spying’ at the breakfast buffet and around the hotel. These were good fun for role-playing being a top-secret mission and looked kind of cute as well.

Also on our ‘we love list’ is Dart Ball Shark Zone – this flat pack velcro darts kit came with us to the Ruby Collection on the Gold Coast a few weekends ago – huge hit. Big entertainment, and no damaged walls. The boys loved versing each other to get the highlights score, just like traditional darts – but without the possible eye loss!


Thanks to our friends at Tiger Tribe we have a mega activity pack* valued at $225 AUD to giveaway. To be in the running to win it, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and enter from there.

*Actual prize not pictured but does include:

Dart Ball Shark Zone
Shooting Hoops Basketball Game
Stain Glass Set – Sunbeam Dreams
Comic Book Kit
Shrinkies Charm Bracelets
Foil Art – Under the Sea
Super Spy Camera (x 1)
Pocket Kite (dragon x 1) (butterfly x 1)
Junior Gallery
Magic Painting World
Inflatable Globe

Good luck everyone! Entries close Friday 14 December 2018 @ 7pm AEST.

Pictured: Our Tiger Tribe globe. It’s travelled with us all over the world. Here’s it’s doing a bit of sunbaking at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bali.  


To learn more about Tiger Tribe’s range of portable play activities for kids sorted by age and interests, please visit their website

Tiger Tribe is an Australian run company with a great selection of activities for entertaining busy kids. We really do rate the quality of their products and thought that has gone into designing each pack so it’s suited to busy little people.


Our Jetsetting Kids received Tiger Tribe products for the purposes of review and giveaway. All opinions are our own and correct at the time of publication.