Blog Life and Staying Connected With The MSI PS42 Modern Laptop

These days if you go on a travel adventure and don’t tell anyone about it, did you even go anywhere?

Travel blogging has become so much more than letting your Instagram audience know to #getreadyfortravelspam. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, and there certainly isn’t any switching off and waiting to tell your travel tales when you come home.

It might all look like sunset cocktails and massages by the pool, but what most people don’t know is that when others have hit the relax button, most travel bloggers and writers are just beginning their work.

We’re up early, and we’re often the last to get to bed, and it’s not because we’re checking out the nightlife – although this does happen.

9/10 it’s because we’re hanging out with our most prized travel mates downloading about the day that was and planning for the next one. Am I talking about my husband and kids? Sometimes. But mostly it’s my laptop and camera which I spend the most time with on the road. In fact, I don’t go anywhere without them.

I was recently given the opportunity to review MSI’s brand spanking new PS42 Modern laptop. Traditionally known as a technology of choice for hard-core gamers I was pretty curious to see what this new lifestyle laptop could do and how it might fare on our travels. I also had my mum hat on for the review because the kids have taken over mine and we need to buy another one.


Some might say, “Can’t you do everything you need to do on the phone, they’re getting pretty good these days?” And the answer is yes and no. The time that it takes to put together a useful and helpful review is often the same amount of time that it takes to go on the journey in the first place and doing that takes SO much longer on mobile.

That aside, there is a squillion other things that I’m juggling on the road. To give you an idea, a laptop gives me the freedom to do all the below:

  • Being responsive: Replying to and writing emails is critical to any bloggers reputation.
  • Staying in touch: Keeping up with what’s new in the world of travel (checking my Feedly account), pitching for upcoming campaigns and negotiating with advertisers and companies on future collaborations.
  • Remembering to be social: Checking our social media channels and replying to comments and direct messages. Instagram and Facebook on the desktop make light work of this.
  • Documenting the journey: Recording notes and tips along the way is, so no detail is missed in our reviews.
  • Conducting photo wizardry: Each day I’m saving, previewing, selecting and editing photos for both the website and for immediate sharing on our social channels.
  • Making movie magic: Video production and editing are also critical to the success of any blogger. Creating snack-sized videos for blog reviews as well as socials shares.


Firstly, I’m not a tech person, so if you’re keen for #allthestats – please check out this link MSI prepared earlier. Click here.

When I’m shopping for anything tech I’m looking for functionality and basically, can it help me to do my job.

Here are a few things that I rated with the PS42 Modern Laptop:

  • It’s light-weight and well, elegant: This laptop looks the part with a brushed aluminium case and weighs in at just 1.19kg!

  • It passes the handbag test. I know I probably shouldn’t put it in my bag, but my laptop needs to go where I go. I haven’t got the energy to carry around kids AND a separate carry-case. A device that’s durable and ultra-slim like this one helps. It’s just 15.99mm wide with a super thin bezel.

  • You’re set for life with a big battery: The laptop gave me 10 hours on-the-go usage, which is great for doing what I need to do on a flight or road trip.
  • It’s cool. Literally. The laptop doesn’t get hot or feel like it’s burning my lap thanks to three onboard fans and cooling pipes!
  • It packs a powerful punch. This laptop keeps up with my multiple-tabs-open syndrome. I can do 50 things at once and render a video!
  • Logging in is simple: One-touch fingerprint technology means I can keep the kids from access youtube but also lets me get stuck into work without trying to remember my password! It’s hard enough remembering ever-changing hotel room numbers, so this helps! #realitiesoftravel


MSI’s new PS42 Modern Laptop is a hardworking travel companion. I found it fit the needs of my lifestyle well and enabled me to do “all the things”, all of the time. I’d recommend it to any blogger looking for the appropriate tool to lift their travel game.


For more information on MSI’s PS42 Modern Laptop, please visit this website.


Our Jetsetting Kids family was loaned an MSI PS42 Modern Laptop for the purposes of this paid review. All opinions are our own and correct at the time of publication.