Travel talk – eczema relief with Novapel cream

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Whether you’re going on a big overseas trip or just going to the local shops, as mums with children in tow we try to be prepared for any situation. We’ve all learnt the hard way: be prepared or suffer the consequences! In my handbag I carry a swag of things for the kids, and also a few essentials for me.

Two items that are ALWAYS in my handbag are Compede blisterblocks (these are fantastic and have saved my feet on many trips so that I could keep on sightseeing!) and a good hand cream.

Like so many others, I suffer from Eczema. It’s just on one hand and I didn’t have it before I had children. I guess this is my version of how mum says: that after she had me that her teeth (among other things) were never the same.  There’s no logic to it and it is as it is!

Either way, i’ve noticed that it flares up when i’m visiting climates with extreme heat, sometimes it triggers from stress and other times it just comes from being in the dryness of the aircraft cabin.   It got particularly bad on our recent Royal Caribbean cruise where it is mandatory to sanitize your hands every time you go in and out of the dining hall.   The constant sanitizing  and hotel soaps were a killer. They left my fingers inflamed, itchy and irritated.

Fortunately my boys do not suffer from this, but I can only imagine how difficult it would be for a parent to see their child managing with it. The ‘itch and scratch’ cycle would be unbearable to watch.

Last week, I got the opportunity to try Novapel Eczema Cream.  They couldn’t have found a better candidate. Not only was I right into the natural elements (no cortisone or chemicals – it’s all herbal!)… I was itching for a solution. #sopunny.

There is of course no long term cure for Eczema but in most cases it can be managed if you know what triggers it and apply the right kind of ointment. For me i’ve found Novapel to be soothing and it has already helped to calm my Eczema down – i’m almost back to normal. Well as normal as i’ll ever be! 🙂  I like also that the gentle ingredients make the it suitable for children as young as babies and that it doubles as an antiseptic cream. It’s become my good all purpose cream for my handbag.

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