Survive take off to touch down!

Can these small travel activity kits entertain my 4 and 2 year old on a plane? They can if you’re a fun nazi and bring out only a few things at a time.

The bags (which my brother picked up in Japan for me are superhero themed) are I pack them with a mixture of old favourites and some new surprises.  I’m a firm believer that no one else can tell you how to keep your children totally occupied, but here’s a few things that I include that work for my two boys aged 4 and 2…


  • Stickers and lots of them! This includes removable stickers for the window – yes the airlines love them…but the children are happy…and quiet!
  • Character torches – fun to use at their seats when the plane lights dim…just keep them out of other passengers eyes.
  • Cars, trains…basically mini toys that spark their imagination and play
  • Magnetic boards and activities eg.  ‘dress the pirate’ or ‘doll’
  • Colouring kits
  • iPads loaded with Apps, TV shows and movies
  • Headsets with volume control to protect their little ears. NB. It’s a good idea to get them to practice using these before your big flight.
  • Small storage containers that we’ve picked up on holidays to keep together smaller toys like LEGO, farm animals, army men etc.
Packing for inflight entertainment

Packing for inflight entertainment

Nb. Each pack is different and matched to each of our boys ages and preferences. When they get bored with their pack they swap.

In our checked luggage, I also have stashed away a whole new set of activities for the hotel and a few fresh items to add to the travel packs for the journey home.


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