LEGO Batman at home, at the movies and at LEGOLAND Florida

It’s every kids dream to meet their favourite superhero.  And i’m pretty sure that my boys at one stage may have even thought that they were THAT super hero. I’m just thankful that so far they’ve channelled their admiration into role play at home, rather than running around the streets of Brisbane attempting to capture suspect criminals! 🙂  In this post I wanted to share with you why playing with the latest LEGO Batman gear and watching ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ on the school holidays rated highly with the boys and what I learnt about LEGO.

Batman has long been at the top of the boys superhero list

Way before there were Batman movies to watch, we would read stories about Batman and put on a cape and mask and play dress ups. Not me…just the kids ok. 😉 We’d also try and see him in person every now and then at places like Movie World on the Gold Coast and LEGOLAND Florida.

Of course, trips to theme parks like this aren’t always possible and let’s face it when you do get some precious time with your superhero BFF, it’s usually just for a quick high five and a photo. It’s hard to get to know the man behind the mask, y’know!


This is why our boys loved the new ‘LEGO Batman Movie’.

Producers have done a great job in sharing the human side of Batman… and guess what ??? HE’S FUNNY…and maybe a little sarcastic… but that never really hurt anyone.? 

We LOVED his one liners! The boys giggled their way through the film and spent part of the holidays reliving their favourite scenes at home.

Watch the official ‘LEGO BATMAN MOVIE’ trailer here


As I get more into this parenting thing (8 years and counting), i’m starting to understand a bit more how things work.  Please keep in mind that i’m a slow learner so hopefully this post will help someone else…

I have bought so many toys for the boys that they “just had to have” only for them to be used just the once.  I don’t know about you but I never get that with LEGO. The boys always seem to come back to it.

Here’s the tip… watch the movie and then getting the corresponding LEGO.  This extended their play time because their  interest was already peaked. 

LEGO Batman Movie - Batman's The Scuttler

I also learnt that those individual LEGO people that you can buy (you know the ones that are under $5 in the little packets) aren’t just a way of keeping the kids quiet at the checkout… 

…it’s how you collect the additional characters to go WITH your LEGO sets…which again means more to play with. 

Who knew! Genius right? 

Ps. I did say that I was a slow learner! 🙂
The boys have been happily building and playing with their Batman sets ever since we saw the movie.  

I love it. 

Whatever keeps them off the streets! #buildsomethingbatman
LEGO Batman Movie - Jokers Notorious Lowrider


‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ is rated PG and is in Australian cinemas now.

LEGO Batman Movie - Joker


We attended a preview screening of ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ as media guests of Roadshow Entertainment.  Our boys were gifted new LEGO Batman build kits to play with thanks to LEGO Group Australia.

LEGO Batman Movie - Batman