Thought you couldn’t afford a family holiday? Think again.

I recently came across a new concept in travel that will allow you to completely plan for your next holiday and pay for your trip at a rate that suits your budget. There’s no deposit, no hidden fees or interest to pay.

Who’s behind this sorcery you ask? It’s LayAway Travel, an all-inclusive online lay-by travel agency that uses the tried and tested process of lay-by for toys and gifts, but for something so much better… your families next holiday.


If you like the idea of planning a holiday, but are concerned about the costs or just have no idea where to start, using LayAway’s online system to search your preferences is a good start.

You can search within a range of family-friendly destinations like Hawaii, Singapore, USA, Fiji and start designing a trip to suit your budget.

LayAway gives you the option to select from pre-set packages or you can design your own. As part of the process, you’re able to assign some spending money and set-up how many weeks you’d like to pay off your trip.

You can pay up to 24 months in advance and in some cases, this breaks the trip down to as much as it would cost you for your daily store bought coffee. I know, the sacrifices as a mother continue…but it’s so worth it!



I like the idea of this for families who want to go on a holiday but are scared about coming back to a huge debt. This is one way that a holiday can be booked but without the financial stress and worry.

Often families decide on a destination but aren’t too sure what else there is to do beyond staying at their hotel. The LayAway service will suggest activities within the region and you can add them to your package at the time of booking.

If you search Singapore as an example, Universal Singapore and the Singapore Zoo will come up as options. ps. These two places are great to visit with kids and should not be missed!

On the flipside, you may have an idea of what you want to do, but have no concept of how much everything will cost for the dates that you are travelling. Finding a great airfare is one thing, but booking only to find that you’re then visiting a city in the busiest tourist week of the year is a travel nightmare.

For anyone who’s tried to get accommodation in Melbourne during the Australian Open or just about any sporting or cultural event on in the city will know exactly what I’m talking about!

LayAway takes away the headache so that you can relax about your holiday. Everything from flights including which airline, accommodation, experiences, transfers is known straight up. And when you know the price, you can then break that down into payments that will suit you.

Who knows, if you set it up right, you may still be able to have your daily coffee too!


Travel has never been more accessible to families who thought that they could not afford it or just didn’t know where to start.

Prices are based on year-round wholesale rates and come with generous cancellation and rebooking options.

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Sponsored post. All opinions are our own and are intended to help families to travel.