WIN! A Frog Orange Baby Carrier for water babies…

I could be getting old but every now and then I come across a product and think, things are definitely getting easier for new parents.  Before everyone starts throwing used nappies at me, please let me tell you why! Going to the beach, let alone swimming at the beach or pool, when my boys were […]

Our best summer accessory for on the go families: ASUS ZenBook 3

By choice we’re a fairly busy family and there’s not really a lot of downtime. Travel blogging may on the outside look a lot like taking a quick photo and putting it up on Instagram; but behind the scenes there is actually quite a bit of work that goes on. Daily: We’re researching, checking and […]

Win! NEW Trunki Pedro the Pirate Ship is headed for shore!

One lucky winner will get to take Pedro the Trunki Pirate Ship on some very nautical adventures. Designed with jetsetting kids in mind – children will love hoisting their pirate flag, sticking on glittery pirate stickers and getting ready to ride and explore with Pedro as they look for hidden treasures! Black in colour with red […]

Get cruise ready – avoiding seasickness

Signs that we are preparing for something exciting … We are sailing in just under two weeks with Carnival Cruiseline on Carnival Spirit and I’m starting to get my cruising medical kit back together (I have featured a few of my necessities here)… The Kwells are for my husband and the Kids Kwells are there […]

Win! Magical adventures with Una the Trunki Unicorn

Introducing… Una the Trunki Unicorn for your Jetsetting Kid! Trunki is purpose designed for travelling tots. Our boys have a Tiger and a Gruffalo Trunki and love feeling in control of their adventures as they ride, carry and are towed through airports and hotel lobbies. We’re excited to offer our families the chance to win a brand […]

Hot product for kids travel: Crayola ‘Color Alive’

One of our best tips when travelling with kids is to pack some items that your children have never seen before in your suitcase.  This doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise.   A new book to read, stickers to play with, a puzzle to construct or just something that they once loved but have […]

The TeddySit booster for families on the move

I was happy to hear recently that a major hotel chain had ordered child booster seats for all of its Denmark properties. Clearly, the comfort of its smallest clients was of utmost importance.  If you’re ever visiting a Scandic Hotel, please pass on HUGE appreciation from me…this kind of initiative to welcome our kids into the […]

Five star boardies for the boys + Father’s Day Giveaway!

The temps are heating up in the Southern Hemisphere and usually about now, I look through our wardrobe and do an audit of our summer holiday gear. This year, things are different. I’m already all sorted. We’ve just come back from a mega trip to the US where we visited Florida and did an awesome […]

Travel smart, travel light

Ask my husband and he’ll probably tell you another story, but I like to think that i’m the queen of packing light. When packing a bag, I try to include clothing that is useful, looks good and something that can literally be worn again and in different ways. I also factor in what washes well and […]