Packing Cubes – We found out what all the fuss was about!

IMG_4475We recently tried out packing cubes for the first time. We’d heard good things but didn’t really get what all the fuss was about. While we were staying in Orlando in the US, we were fortunate to receive a special parcel from Miami locals, MumiDesign.

I say fortunate because one of my biggest frustrations on a trip is having to unpack and pack the suitcase. This is followed by not being able to find what I want, when I want it.  These little travel life savers arrived just at the right time… I was having a meltdown about not being able to find the boys goggles in their suitcase. ps. Being Italian, this happens a lot…. When Mumi Design’s ‘PackIn’ cubes arrived, I was more than happy to give them a go!

Here’s a few things I learnt and loved about packing cubes:

1. It’s really easy to stay organised –  Packing cubes in different sizes help keep your clothes separated and easy to find in your suitcase. This is particularly handy if you have two people sharing the same suitcase – which we did. The cubes helped to keep everyone’s clothes separated and avoided what’s usually a total mess!

2. Colour coding is essential – Being able to identify your packing cubes in the suitcase makes life that little bit easier.  If your cube isn’t colour coded, then i’d recommend adding a naming label.

3. Roll technique still applies – Even though you’ve got the packing cubes, you have to remember that space in your suitcase is still at a premium. Rolling your clothes and tightly packing them into the cubes is travel genius.

IMG_57764. Quickly make yourself at home – If i’m staying in a hotel for more than two nights, I like to unpack the suitcase. This is mostly to stop the suitcase lid flopping onto my head 20 times a day because i’m continually in and out of the bag!  My preference is to unpack our clothes into draws, but i’m never keen on putting them into a musty and sometimes dusty chest of drawers or cupboard. This trip with the packing cubes, I left our clothes in the cubes and placed them direct on the shelves in our walk-in wardrobe on our cruise and in the drawers in our other hotels. This also saved heaps of time packing and unpacking.


5. Packing cubes will change your life – My prediction is that you’ll never go back to regular packing.  We love our packing cubes and would recommend them to anyone to try.






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  1. They look great! Do you find you use all the sizes or would it be just as good having say 5 medium and a small? Have they held up well? The only review on amazon shows both ripped after the first use. Thanks!


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