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Myer Giftorium and The Story of the Reluctant Little Shopper

We were fortunate to be invited to Myer’s Christmas Giftorium launch in Brisbane last week, thanks to Kids Business. As an avid stalker of all things awesome on Instagram, i’d seen great things posted by other bloggers last year and was keen to find out more.

My “plus one” for the day was Little S.  He however was not quite as excited to attend and it took some convincing (read: bribing) to get him dressed to come. I’m not sure why it was such a hard sell. I mean, it’s not like i’ve dragged him shopping for hours and hours before this…. but apparently even at age 4 the idea of shopping for this little man seemed like torture!

Exhibit A:










Once we got upstairs however, his tune quickly changed.  His eyes opened wide and little jaw dropped – the magic of Christmas strikes again! The Christmas Giftorium at Myer I should tell you, is no ordinary department store. It’s a magical destination for families that has been elaborately decked out with everything they could ever want to see and do around Christmas.

From visits to see Santa and his elves in SANTALAND (which is themed to perfection with a golden ticket entry to ride the SANTALAND Express!) and art and craft stations, Little S went from tiny protester to wanna be full-time resident.  It’s easy to see why these Christmas Giftorium’s are quickly becoming known as places to spend time with kids.  It was also easy to shop (…maybe a little too easy…) because everything great is located in the one convenient spot.












Our visit was made extra special by being present for the unveiling of the Animated Christmas Windows.  Checking out the Christmas windows is an annual tradition for us, so being one of the first to see them this year was pretty special.

The theme this year is also a bit cute. It is a story about “The Little Dog and the Christmas Wish’, which was made even more adorable by the fact that Santa was walking a puppy on a leash up and down the Queen Street Mall. It was almost too much to handle for Little S who went a little crazy – he was clearly suffering from #cutenessoverload.

With all of of this going on, we did however find time to do some window shopping.  Our fav picks from the Myer Christmas Giftorium included:

1.Star Wars Everything… who could choose…we want it all, especially a giant Darth Vader! #theforceawakens #forsure!










2. Disney’s Inside Out: We love it when the character Anger is Angry! He’s especially angry now that he’s a cute and cuddly plush toy – loving that. 😉  As a mother of two huge Disney fan’s this is high on our Christmas wishlist.










3. Meal time fun with Dinner Winner – ok I put this one on the list. Anything that makes food fun and less of a challenge gets my vote! I’ll take 6 – one for each meal thanks and no washing up! 😉










4. Activity PacksHappy Paper Toys (4 self assembly portable play toys) and Seed’s Craft packs are all sanity savers for entertaining children over the holidays.

IMG_8951 IMG_8952











5.Disney Frozen – Imagine Ink reveals beautiful colours but without the mess of ink. It’s a dream for parents and is your take anywhere activity for entertaining the kids. We’ve purchased this pack and have added it to the flight case for our next trip. 








…and that’s a wrap. I’ll no doubt be back in-store this Christmas when my personalised jar of Nutella runs out. This is completely genius and is good for the soul! 🙂