World off, headphones on with Audiofly in-ear Bluetooth headphones

A good set of headphones should be on the packing list for any traveller. Whether you’re wanting to crank a playlist up loud (while you block out your kids…) or just pretend to listen to something so that you can avoid talking to random passengers on a flight… they are absolutely essential.

I was recently sent a pair of wireless blue-tooth in-ear Audiofly ear-phones to review. First impressions: #SoMuchTech in such a little package!

I was pretty keen to get using them because up until now I didn’t actually own a pair. I had big chunky over-head headphones and those that plugged into my mobile but nothing stylish, light-weight and suitable for being on the go or parading around in my active wear.

I quickly learnt that hands-free headphones are worth their weight in gold. Being Italian and liking to talk with my hands I was free to have animated phone conversations on the mobile and juggle a thousand other tasks all hands-free. In fact, these allow me to talk away for up to 8 hours.  Battery life. Decent.

The Audiofly ear-phones also proved to be sweat resistant. I’ve recently joined the gym and after years of doing nothing, I usually break into a sweat just walking through the front door! 😉 The ear-phones withstood the trauma.

I also discovered that without headphones that I couldn’t actually listen to music while I worked out. I hear not all gyms are like this but unfortunately, the one I picked is. I won’t name and shame them!  Once I worked out what the go was, being able to work out to my favourite artists with my ear-phones was pretty good and the sound quality was great over the drone of my treadmill.


Thanks to our friends at Audiofly we have a set of AF33W Mk2 wireless Bluetooth ear-phones to giveaway. Enter on our Instagram or Facebook page! Good luck everyone!


Audiofly AF33W Mk2 wireless Bluetooth ear-phones are very reasonably priced at $59.99 AUD and are available from JB HI-FI.

They are Australian made and engineered and embrace Audiofly’s history in designing pro-musician stage and recording headphones but for the everyday person. You can pick them up in three colours – Eucalyptus Green, White & Rose-Gold or All-Black.

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The headphones from Audiofly were gifted for the purposes of a review. All opinions are the writers own and correct at the time of publication.