It’s the high life for some lucky Australian kids

I received the results of an interesting travel study this week – apparently 30% more children are travelling in premium cabins this year. Who are these kids, where are their parents and can they adopt me! #Please! More Australian kids than ever before are flying in the “pointy end” of the plane, according to latest […]

GO TRAVEL – Kids: Essential Travel Gear for Little Jetsetters

The details make all the difference when you are travelling with kids and a good neck pillow and a travel pillow are two items that are always in our suitcase. These two products can make a long plane flight, road trip or long wait in an airport that bit more comfortable and ones that are as […]

Virgin Australia unveil Kids Class…

Today Virgin Australia unveiled to the world – Kid’s Class…and possibly the best April Fools joke that we’ve seen in a while! You have to see it to believe it…Click below to watch! So what did you think? #funnynotfunny? I kind of wish it was an option and i’m pretty sure our boys would LOVE […]

Travel with a toddler. I lived to tell the tale.

An Instagram friend has asked for some tips of how to entertain her 18 month old on an upcoming flight. I remember all too well the joys of flying with a toddler and one particular trip stands out. We were travelling from Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur.  I remember having to be overly organised not just […]