CoziGo – for flying with babies and sleeping on the go

One of the biggest concerns parents flying with babies have is how they will survive a long haul flight keeping their baby happy and their sanity in tact.

Booking a night flight that is timed to your babies sleep patterns helps, as does requesting the bulkhead seat with bassinet. It’s not always guaranteed that you will get this seat; but if you can let me tell you it’s worth it. The alternative is holding the baby in your arms (I’ve done this on a trip to Japan – absolute nightmare) or in a baby carrier for the duration of your flight.

For many years the bassinet seat has been the dream solution parents flying with babies…but there was still one problem. I bet you know what it is… Yep, it’s the ever helpful cabins lights. Whether it’s the exit signs or the main cabin lights that seem to come on at all sorts of awkward times, these are just a few interfering factors that can make for a extra long flight for parents.

Thankfully, one Aussie mum set out to find a solution. After a two year design and testing phase, she created the best sleeping environment for her baby by inventing what’s gone on to become the award winning CoziGo (formally Fly Babee) sleep and sun cover.


About CoziGo

The CoziGo is a 100% breathable and air permeable sleep cover. It’s light-weight for travel and best… it blocks out 97% of light. It’s easy to use and securely attaches to the aircraft bassinet.

The CoziGo is a safer option than covering the bassinet with wraps…which gives good peace of mind so that you can actually get some rest too.

It’s also UVP 50+ and has been designed to fit strollers and prams via a simple clip – which is perfect for baby sleeping on the go when you’re travelling and don’t want to be hotel bound.


Our baby blogger Kate M. recently roadtested the CoziGo and this is what she had to say:

“My husband and I recently took our nearly one-year old on her very first overseas holiday, to Fiji. We were lucky enough to be given a CoziGo to review for Jetsetting Kids!

Before I go on, I should mention that this mumma is still adjusting to #mumlife. Yes, even though our precious is nearly one! I mention this because, while I managed to shift the baby brain long enough to get a great deal on flights and accommodation, I didn’t quite have it together enough to book the bassinet on the plane. Fortunately it’s only a short flight to Fiji, otherwise I would be really kicking myself! But what it really means is that unfortunately we couldn’t really use the CoziGo to its full extent on the plane.

That said, once we arrived at our island paradise, we absolutely loved it. Jetsetting Kids gave me the top tip of taking an umbrella stroller on the trip, for ease and less concerns if the airline should damage our actual pram. The problem with the umbrella stroller, though, is the sunshade is only small and doesn’t really provide the sun protection our alabaster skinned babe deserves! This is where the CoziGo came into its own! It offered us complete coverage from the sun’s harmful rays, whist still allowing the cooling sea breezes to pass through. We used it daily for strolls around the resort and into Port Denarau. The added bonus for night time strolls was complete insect protection, from those pesky little vampires!

I can highly recommend the CoziGo, what a great invention! There’s nothing more important than protecting our little ones from the sun’s harsh rays.”


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We were gifted a CoziGo for the purpose of this review to help parents worldwide travel with their babies more effectively. All opinions are are own and correct at the time of publication.