Jetsetting Day Out, what’s in the backpack

Jetsetting Dads are great for leading the way… and for carrying the backpack!  Our day trip backpack usually includes:
– hygienic wipes
– bandaids
– tissues
– water bottles
– lip balm
– snacks
– sometimes wet weather coats
– the video camera;
– and one small activity for the boys to entertain them in queues.

It can get pretty heavy and I really feel for those that have little ones still in nappies/diapers. Is there anything you would add to this list?

Image: Us at Kennedy Space Center. Our backpack was gifted by bokendiaperbags. It was lightweight, waterproof, super compact when not in use, had wide padded shoulder straps and big side pockets for our waterbottles. The bag also came with a change mat which would be great for babies/toddlers. We gave this bag a beating and it survived!