Good shoes take you good places

IMG_4869I could talk about shoes for hours and I could shop for shoes for hours.  What i’ve always struggled with is finding the right pair that I can wear for hours.

Space in my suitcase is always at a premium. I haven’t got room to pack shoes or clothes that look great but are for one time wear on a holiday. Every item I include, like my shoes, needs to be versatile, comfortable and suitcase friendly.

I usually pack one each of the following: Evening shoes (I prefer a wedge), sneakers (Taos Footwear), an orthopedic pair of sandals (I like Vionics) and a pair of casual thongs to wear to the beach/pool.

I first heard about Mox Shoes through Instagram.  A few mum bloggers had taken them on their holidays and I started to notice that these same mums had more than one pair. They had lots of pairs in fact, in lots of colours. I wondered why…

I finally got to try Mox on our recent holiday to the US (Orlando, Caribbean & LA). After some serious roadtesting, i’m happy to say that I have discovered the ‘secret of the Mox’ and am ready to join their cult following!

Here’s my 2 cents worth and why it won’t be too long before my wardrobe starts to look like a Mox Rainbow…

1. They are so versatile you’ll find yourself wearing them with everything, everywhere. I ordered them in the Sapphire and this went well with most of my daywear.

2. Mox are a level up. I’ll never pack thongs again.   I felt right at home wearing them around the pool at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando.

3. They are lightweight which makes them fantastic for suitcase packing and travel. They weigh almost nothing!

4. Your foot is supported and you can actually walk in them. They don’t rub. No blisters, no tears, no complaints from me.  For those that know me personally…it’s a nice change right? 😉

5. They are breathable and hygienic. You can easily rinse them and they don’t all stinky like closed in shoes can.

6. They stay on your feet!!! Mum’s with small children will know that being able to chase after little ones without tripping over is essential for parenting success. I’ve had many spectacular falls wearing thongs. No more! 😉

Mox also come beautifully presented in a gorgeous string bag. If you’re a close friend of mine reading this…don’t be surprised if you get a pair of these from me for Christmas!