Hot product for kids travel: Crayola ‘Color Alive’

One of our best tips when travelling with kids is to pack some items that your children have never seen before in your suitcase.  This doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise.   A new book to read, stickers to play with, a puzzle to construct or just something that they once loved but have long forgotten about can buy you many sanity saving moments.   

Our boys are at the age where they love colouring, so when we were given the opportunity to review Crayola’s ‘Color Alive’ range in conjunction with Nuffnang Australia – I jumped at it.

My plan was to hide the books in our suitcase before the boys got their hands on them and then do the big reveal on our weekend away at Monaco Caloundra, in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.


My plan worked. Just before the boys were about to turn their twin beds into a ‘trampoline away from home’, I popped open the suitcase and let them feast their eyes on the prize – 4 sensational new colouring books and crayons from Crayola to try!


They were quick to pick up that these were no ordinary colouring books…there was something a bit different with them and they were very curious to find out why there was a picture of an iPad on the packaging…  this got them hooked, seated and waiting patiently for mummy to explain more!


What is it and how does it work?

“Color Alive” is not your typical colouring book.  It uses  4D technology via a free app to bring your child’s colouring creations to life.  

It works by scanning your child’s ‘works of art’ with the app  (you have to download the app to either on your smart phone or device).  Once you scan the book within the guidelines in the app, the characters that they have painstakingly coloured literally jump off the page and come to life.

The app then lets kids interact with the art by taking photos and adding special visual and sound effects.  It’s kind of like the selfie mode in Snapchat (you know the one with all the effects) but with a colouring book 😉 


Your child’s creations can then be saved to the camera roll to be printed out later or just be played with via the app at anytime without the colouring page. 

This product definitely ticks the imaginative play box – our boys enjoyed play fighting with their characters the most.

Tip: We don’t have iPads at the moment so we just used our mobile (always on flight mode) to let the boys experiment in the app. Too easy.


Here’s a quick video demo made by someone with better skills than me that we thought we’d share 🙂



Crayola’s ‘Colour Alive’ RPs at $7.99 each (AUD) from all major retailers. Each pack includes six Crayola Crayons, one Special Effects Crayon, 16 Action Coloring Pages, and a FREE app download.  Note: You can use any crayons with the books if you wish to add more colours.

The current range of books includes and is not limited to Marvel Avengers, Mythical Creatures, Disney’s Frozen and Enchanted Fairies.

For more information visit the Crayola Website:  Click here.  This link will show you further videos, tips and tricks!



This product review was brought to you by Nuffnang and Crayola. We were gifted the colouring books for this review.