Onboard Celebrity Solstice

I recently took a trip to Sydney to celebrate Celebrity Solstice’s grand return to cruising which was hosted by the team from Celebrity Cruises.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from my VIP tour, so I was pleasantly suprised when I got to scope out of all the new features onboard this recently revitalised ship.  My tour included a sneak peak at the best part of any family holiday…all the stuff for mums and dads to do and of course…the kids clubs.


Here’s a few of the jaw-dropping highlights to get us started:

  1. Relaxation Zones and Tranquil Spaces 




This is ‘The Persian Garden’ aka the most divine day spa I have ever seen….I think I felt most at home in this part of the ship. This could also be due to the ridiculous amount of tiles in this room and my Italian heritage kicking in.#lovethosetiles



 Loved the  furnishings 

2. Entertainment / Food and Beverage 

There are so many wonderful outlets to dine at on this ship.  All modern,  spacious, most with beautiful ocean views. The lighting in particular was a stand out.  We have just finished building a house so I painfully notice all these things! I was also drawn to a giant multi-story wine rack that you may be able to spot at the back of the photo below… spotting this didn’t have anything to do with building. This discovery was mostly due to my ‘mum training’ which has proudly been 7 years in the making. #mumlife #winecoffeeforlife


On the subject of wine, this ship has recently been awarded ‘The best wine list at sea’. Good to know!


3. A “Top” Deck!

Our tour included a peak at the all access outdoor pool and I noticed that they supplied life jackets for the kids. This is very helpful and great to know if ever I bring the boys onboard. #safetyfirst


Touring is thirsty work and I was grateful to end up at the Lawn Club for an afternoon of revitalisation and indulgence.I kicked back in my cabana, snacked on freshly made sushi and sipped on sparkling.  I don’t want to go on too much; but the view and breeze from Sydney Harbour was pretty special.  The whole experience was amazing actually… Celebrity made it very difficult for me to want to leave. Sorry to all those reading at home! #booknow


It’s worth mentioning that the grass in the Lawn Club is real and is perfect for watching movies under the stars on the big screen with the kids. There is something calming about being outdoors with kids. 


Here’s a picture of my cabana again, just in case you missed it the first time.  That’s the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background #notbraggingmuch 😉

The official word:


Adam Armstrong (Managing Director of Celebrity)  was also onboard that day and updated our group on the vision behind the ships multi-million dollar revitalisation.   Adam explained that  the Lawn Club (let’s just call it my little haven) as one example, had been purposely designed to offer guests a complete sensory experience. The food, the drinks, the movies on the big screen are all matched to a daily theme, keeping it interesting and making it a true destination zone for guests.

A great experience is always in the details and these guys seem to have that covered.


Whilst Adam was speaking I listened intently from behind my cocktail. #focus

I briefly had  a chance to meet Adam and explain that we have in recent years become big fans of cruising with kids. The benefits of being able to see and do so much but only unpacking the suitcase once was a huge draw card for us.

Adam mentioned that the kids clubs onboard Celebrity were fantastic and that he’d just been in the clubs that day. We didn’t get to finish the conversation…but…with the biggest X-BOX playing zones available at sea I wondered if this was his equivalent of going on a 10 minute break.  I’ll have to find out more next time and report back.

4. Kids Clubs – The Low Down for Parents

The kids clubs on most cruiselines are broken into age groups. This is so educators and carers can program activities best suited to your child. It also means that siblings may not necessarily end up in the same group but this isn’t too different to school or daycare where they have their own space and opportunity to make new friends.

Kids Clubs Onboard Celebrity Solstice:

· Toddler Time – under 3 years old
· Ship MatesSM – ages 3-5
· CadetsSM – ages 6-8
· EnsignsSM – ages 9-11
· Junior Teen & Senior Teens – ages 12-14 & 15-17




Cruising with kids…please note: 

It’s always recommended also that you check in with the kids clubs early to register your child’s place and secure your spot.

It’s worth noting also that infants sailing on this cruise must be at least 6 months old as of the first day of the cruise and/or cruisetour. A cruise that has 3 or more days consecutive at sea will require infants to be 12 months old on the first day of the cruise/cruisetour.

Babysitting info
Private, in-stateroom babysitting is open to children ages 12 months and older for a nominal fee of $19 per hour for up to 3 children from the same family. Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance through Guest Relations. Availability for this service is limited and operates on a first come, first served basis. Private, in-stateroom babysitting is subject to personnel availability.


From what I experienced this cruiseship will deliver her guests a great balance of luxury and family enjoyment. With itineraries that include New Zealand (on our wishlist), I would happily add this ship and cruiseline to our bucketlist for future adventures.


ps. THIS is the adults only pool….I saved the best until last. #takemymoneynow!


For more information on Celebrity Cruises and Solstice itineraries, please visit: celebritycruises.com.au



I toured Solstice as a media guest of Celebrity Cruises.  All opinions are my own and correct at the time of publication.



Do you have any questions or comments about cruising with kids? Let us know here, or visit our instagram page where we often host live family travel forums with our jetsetting families and friends. Thanks for reading everyone, your support keeps us doing what we do. xx Paula