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Thanks for stopping by our site. If you’re reading this, you’re probably just like us, with an incurable case of wanderlust, and one or more kids in tow.

 A bit about us…

Having spent a lot of my time before children travelling, I discovered that there’s a whole new world of fun out there if you’re travelling with kids.

My husband also travels the globe for work – he’s rarely home long enough to fully unpack his suitcase, so I started researching ways to entertain the children on my own. Along the way, I’ve learnt great sanity-saving tips and have discovered a huge range of fun things to do with children in Australia and overseas.  My friends started asking me for suggestions and tips, and then so did friends of friends, and things just kinda grew from there.

Before children, my husband and I also took our fair share of trips together – we would plan and research everything ourselves and always aimed to make each trip better than the last.   Where most people (normal people) go to one destination and relax, we would set out to fill each trip with as much as we physically could. Our four-week honeymoon as one example involved 10 flights…

When our two boys arrived, life and travel naturally got a bit more complicated but good news, we’re proof that travel shouldn’t stop when you have children. Instead, we have learnt to look for ways to make travelling an enjoyable experience for both us and the kids.

What we’re up to this days…

Through Jetsetting Kids we are sharing information about the world’s best family-friendly holiday destinations, resorts and attractions. Life’s not just about the destination though, we also offer survival tips to get you through take off, touch-down and the rest of your journey.


Jetsetting Kids is intended as an interactive community for parents interested in sharing their travel experiences. Check out our Instagram account for up-to-the minute tips from us, other jetsetting families, along with the world’s best travel bloggers.

Whether you’re planning a trip or have just landed, we’d love to hear from you.

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