Get cruise ready – avoiding seasickness

Signs that we are preparing for something exciting …

We are sailing in just under two weeks with Carnival Cruiseline on Carnival Spirit and I’m starting to get my cruising medical kit back together (I have featured a few of my necessities here)…seasickness

The Kwells are for my husband and the Kids Kwells are there for “just in case”… the Stemetil and wafers are for me. Yep, I’m the weakest link ? This is was the strategy we used on our last cruise and me who usually gets sick from here to the carpark was good and not sick at all for 7 nights.

Seaband’s also helped and I only had the boys on half kwells every other day because of this. They were also fine.

My husband didn’t use his but he has a cast iron stomach but I packed some for him just in case. Hopefully the kids take after him. Also, if you are prone to #seasickness, make sure you take medication prior to boarding.

Other items you might want to consider also include:

  • Imodium
  • Hydralyte Tablets
  • Children’s pain relief
  • Bandaids
  • Antiseptic Creme
  • Throat lozengers (note you can get lollypop ones for the kids from the chemist!)
  • Chuckies Sickness Bags (yep, they are a thing) …you know just in case!
  • Hand-sanitiser.  This is usually found all over the cruise ships but it’s good to have with you for in room dining and shore excursions.

I also have friends who Glen 20 disinfect their entire cabin when they first arrive but for me this is a little extreme! 🙂 What do you think? Comments below!


Are you a cruising family? We’d love to hear from others and what they pack. We have a community discussion about what to pack on our instagram @cruisingwithkids and @jetsettingkids. xx