Roll-Out The Ultimate Gift For Christmas With Micro Scooters

If the kids have got everything and you’re racking your brains about what to get them for Christmas, consider a Micro Scooter.

We first saw Micro Scooters on holiday in Singapore. It was when the boys were at the tricky age of three (3) and one (1).  It was the time when they were too little to walk and too active to be contained to a pram all day.

I can remember being at Clarke Quay and our eldest was just about to fall into his tenth meltdown when a seemingly very happy and similarly-aged family came swanning by with their two kids in tow, both on Micros.

There was no whining. No proclamations of ‘I’m Bored Mum’. Just happy, well behaved and I’m sure well-worn out kids at bedtime. #winning! When we got back to Australia, I ordered two scooters straight away!

Since then these have been put to good use and have always been in the car with us for road trips and weekend adventures. The only problem we had was that boys loved using their scooters so much that I didn’t realise that they had actually outgrown them.


We started with a Mini Micro which is a three-wheeler and has been designed for toddlers who are just finding their balance and need to build confidence and have only JUST upgraded to Cruisers!

Cruisers are for school-aged children (5 – 12) and are probably what we should have been using for a few years now!  It’s safe to say that we well and truly got our value from the first two scooters.

Having upgraded to the two-wheel Cruisers the boys have discovered a whole new world of fun.  Their need for speed has been met and the latest challenge seems to be who can do the best wheelie. Thankfully the 200mm back wheel seems to be handling it well!

Hubby also has an opinion. He likes that the scooters come with a built-in stand (so that they don’t get damaged), fold down easily, have adjustable handlebar heights (so that they can grow with the boys) and come with a 2-year warranty.

For me, I’m just happy that everyone is happy and that I can finally find new homes for the old scooters. No doubt they’ll give the next family the same amount of happiness that our boys had.


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For more information on Micro Scooters, please visit, or just get in touch with us. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions. #bigscooterfans!


Jetsetting Kids were gifted Micro Scooters for the purposes of this review and promotion. All opinions are our own and correct at the time of publication.