A date with Disney Pixar’s: “The Good Dinosaur”

IMG_1390For today’s Sunday Funday activity we went to the movies to see an early screening of Disney Pixar’s: “The Good Dinosaur”. It’s a cute story that raises the question: “What if earth was never hit by that fatal asteroid and dinosaurs didn’t become extinct?”. Disney Pixar then takes you on an adventure into the world of dinosaurs where one super cute Apatosaurus (called Arlo) makes an equally cute caveman friend (called Spot). They start out as adversaries and end up on an epic journey together.

Aside from the gorgeous animation (including the best sunset scene i’ve watched in an animated film), this movie covers some important themes around the value of family, friendship and facing your fears to leave YOUR mark by doing great things.

Our verdict:


Without completely spoiling the flick for you, we wanted to let you know that this movie is visually gorgeous and the characters adorable! Our boys are 6 and 4 and we found them to be the right age for this film, any younger and your children will still find the characters likeable but the plot will be lost to them.

The movie includes its share of laughs and clever quips for entertaining the parents as well as a few surprises that will make you jump right out of your seat (Spoiler: Beware the snake!).  It was a bit of a journey and the kids (ok me) shed a few tears at various times throughout the film – but Disney tears are ok right?

We liked “The Good Dinosaur” because it’s real. Ok so the dinosaurs are no longer real but the emotions that drive the plot and experiences of the characters are based on stuff that happens to families and to little people as they grow up and need to be brave to face their fears.

How we left our mark:


Visitors to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre in Brisbane, Australia today were able to enter a magical, dino-themed pop-up centre today thanks to Disney Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur”.   Aside from some interactive activities where we were able to get up close and personal with some of the film’s characters (including a 3.5m tall Arlo and the T-Rexes).

We were able to make our mark by recreating our hand print and hanging them on the branches of the ‘”The Good Dinosaur” tree.  This act and sharing it through instagram meant that Disney’s partner Greenfleet planted a tree on our behalf.  If you’re on instagram you can “make your mark” too by sharing a photo of your own hand print and tagging @DisneyAUNZ.  A tree will be planted for the first 2000 handprints shared.IMG_1392




Disney Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” is rated PG and due for release in Australian cinemas nationally this Boxing Day – 26 December 2015.

Preview Disney Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” – here!