We walked the green carpet with “The Secret Life of Pets!” and now we want one

Over the weekend we were fortunate to attend the Queensland preview screening of Universal Pictures Australia’s “The Secret Life of Pets“.

Our boys have been nagging us to get a pet for years and to be honest this movie didn’t help our cause. Because we travel, we haven’t yet felt it fair to have a pet even though there are many pet friendly holidays you can take across Australia, amazing pet hotels that you can book them into and even the services of businesses like JetPets who will fly your pets around the world for you.

From the moment we arrived at the preview screening I knew we were going to be in trouble…there was cute, cuddly, well behaved and generally adorable animals everywhere!  The boys were in heaven and wanted to know which one they could take home!

Things didn’t get any easier when we watched the movie with the characters being so cute and likeable…

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The Plot

The Secret Life of Pets” is a family friendly comedy that gives a behind the scenes look into what our pets get up to all day while we’re out of the house.   It’s funny to see their different personalities and quirks at work and what life is like from the pets perspective.

You’ll go on a journey of mateship and new friendships that will showcase the power of pushing boundaries to beat the odds.

What you can expect:  Firstly, it’s funny! There are a few scenes with segways to other movies like Grease that will give parents a good laugh.  The soundtrack is also really catchy.

Was there any teary or scary moments:  Not really, it’s an easy film to watch with kids 3 and up.  There are a few short scenes where a character might jump out, but nothing that will traumitise you or your child 🙂

The verdict:  We loved it…and yes the boys are now one step closer to getting the dog that they’ve always wanted!

Watch the official trailer here:



Thanks to our friends at Universal Pictures Australia we have 5 Family Packs  to give away! Each pack includes passes to see the film and admits 4. Entry details and T&C’s below. Good luck everyone!

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We previewed ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ as media guests of Universal Pictures Australia.

The Secret Life of Pets’ opens in Australian cinemas September 8, 2016.

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