Kung Fu Action & Dreamworld’s “Land of Awesomeness”

IMG_5275Late last month we attended the Australian VIP Preview Screening of “Kung Fu Panda 3”.  Seeing the movie in 3D was special enough, but then 20th Century Fox threw in some serious Kung Fu action by having the event hosted at one of our favourite Aussie themeparks – Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. Our boys were so happy to attend, that they were literally seen skipping down Dreamworld’s main street at 7:30am (well before the park officially opened).  Video link: IMG_4825


Dreamworld also just happens to be home to the Dreamworks Experience’s only ‘Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness’ in Australia.


There is a dedicated Kung Fu Panda zone in the park…#mindblown! Jaws dropped and Kung Fu actions increased as our boys made their way through the Land of Awesomeness.  They smashed their way around in Skadoosh Bumper Cars, looked in awe at the thrill-seeking ‘Pandamonium’ ride and bounced about re-enacting scenes from the current and previous Kung Fu Panda movies in the park. I may have needed a double shot espresso this day… but they had fun 😉 



The day was made even more special when the Panda-of-the moment, Po made a special appearance and said HI! Our boys gave him a HUGE cuddle and apparently remembered him from our Royal Caribbean cruise last year (Freedom of the Seas) where they got to do Kung Fu training 1 on 1 with him.  Po must have been having an off day, because he didn’t seem to have the same recollection 😉   



The Plot:

Po’s long-lost panda father suddenly reappears. They’re reunited and travel to a secret panda paradise where Po meets his long lost relatives – including some seriously cute baby pandas. In the meantime, a supernatural villain Kai goes on a reign of terror across China and defeats all the other Kung Fu masters.

Po is then left to do the impossible – the student becomes the teacher and he has to train a village of fun-loving and clumsy panda’s (just like himself) to become Kung Fu Pandas and defeat Kai.



I’m usually pretty dubious about the quality of sequels however we found the third installment of “Kung Fu Panda” to be true to the original – action packed, heart-warming and funny.

It also tied up a few loose ends for us and we particularly enjoyed the ending. We’re happy to say that it’s a perfect family flick (great for these school holidays) and appropriate for little pandas 3 and up.




Watch the preview here:



We attended this VIP family screening of “Kung Fu Panda 3” as guests of 20th Century Fox Au.  A full day at Dreamworld was part of the experience.   Dreamworld these days is honestly fabulous for kids. The Dreamworks Experience area features other friends such as Shrek and Madagascar. ABC for Kids Land was equally awesome for the little ones…but more on that another day.

Have you seen “Kung Fu Panda 3” or do you have any questions? Let me know, comment below. Thanks for reading 🙂