Laserzone for Active Kids – Here And At Sea

As a mum of two very active boys, we’re always on the go and this doesn’t seem to stop when we’re on holidays. Taking it slowly doesn’t seem to be in our DNA – although I wouldn’t say no to a day of Netflix binging if ever it was offered!

Whether we’re at home or on holidays, we like to wear the kids out in the morning and give them a rest in the early afternoon.  We scooter, we swim, we kick a soccer ball around in the park. When we’re on holidays we try for the same level of activity and on our last two cruises (P&O Cruises’ Pacific Dawn and Pacific Eden), we discovered that you can play laser tag on the ship. The boys became absolutely hooked – it was a fun way to start the day.

Fast forward a few months to the boys birthdays and the question of where to have their party came up.  For master 8 there was no question – it had to be Laserzone!

I have to admit, I was pretty relieved. I quite up to entertaining a tribe of 27 of his ‘nearest and dearest’ at home, and because I’m a sucker for anything that will keep the travel memory alive, my husband and I agreed to make the booking.

I have to tell you though, that we only have a big party like this every two years.  Partly for cost and because it usually takes me all of that time to get over the experience!

This year though, it was very different.

Our Laserzone party at the Lawnton site in Brisbane proved to be an easy way to hold a celebration and I’m happy to tell you that I’m already keen to go again!  I’ll tell you why…


From my lazy mum perspective, entertaining 27 kids was pretty easy. I went for the package that offered maximum impact and pretty much zero effort.  Our guests got to experience 3 rounds of Laser Tag, arcade games and indoor rides.  There was so much to keep the kids busy and the facilities at this place are not too dissimilar to those that you’d find at a theme park.

For example…

Our boys enjoyed dodging and smashed in bumper cars with their squad of mates and playing a mobile game of laser tag.  In the game pictured below, you’re in a laser zone safari and shoot at stuff.

The kids all received arcade game cards with pre-loaded credit. Better still, every hard-earned credit was redeemable for prizes at the end of the party. #bonus

This was just a few of our highlights at the Lawnton site in Brisbane, but if you’re in another state, make sure you look them up. They have centres across Australia.


  • Laserzone make everything easy for you. They even offer downloadable invitations, but I elected to make my own… you know… just to give the illusion that I actually put some sort of effort in.  You can even purchase party bags through them.
  • You don’t have to bring much gear in to set up your party. I showed up with just enough party decorations and cake to still maintain a good grip on my coffee.
  • The kids were occupied by a party host for 2 hours with absolutely zero involvement from me. This statement should really be in CAPS, BOLD and UNDERLINED with fireworks shooting out of the screen.    Our Laserzone party was the first event in a long, long time… where I could stop to chat with the other mums and dads. Afterall… isn’t truly what makes a great celebration. #itsallaboutme
  • You can bring in your own food or use their team to help with catering. Our package included drinks, pizzas, popcorn and lollies for the kids – all refilled throughout the party. They even had fridges on hand for storing our store-bought cake – you didn’t think I was actually talented enough to make a cake did you? 😉
  • Parents can keep an eye on their children – I guess. I mean if that’s your thing.  Even though your children will be completely safe and entertained, you can watch what they are up to in the laser tag games by either walking around with them inside the glow in the dark adventure playground (nb. closed shoes are a requirement)… or supervising from viewing portals above. If you’re really keen, one host parent can also join in free-of-charge for a game of tag.
  • There was no cleaning up! Cups, plates, napkins were all provided and completely disposable.  When we were finished celebrating turning eight, I threw out our decorations and left the party with only the gifts in hand. Nb. Recycling bins are provided at your party station.  Too easy!


If you’re looking for a fuss-free super fun party, then consider Laserzone.  There are no hidden costs or fees to worry about, it’s all included in the one admission price.

For more information visit:


We held our son’s 8th birthday party at Laserzone Lawnton and allowed our celebration to be filmed to help with their future promotions. This isn’t a sponsored post. We just like supporting Australian businesses and sharing anything that we do, that may also help other families.