WIN with NitWits + Travel Tale: The case of the dreaded head lice

Every day I live in fear… fear that my kids will get head lice! To date we’ve dodged the bullet, but when I was a kid I wasn’t so lucky.

Going back 25+ years (yep, I’m that old)…I had head lice! I had it on and off during for my primary school years. My mum tried everything to get rid of it. She cut my hair super short and put me through hours of relentless treatments and combing.

I’m pretty sure that out of desperation she may have even tried her own “homemade” Kerosene treatment on my head…

The outcome: “Oooh, look at them all running to the top of your scalp”… and afterwards…”wow, your hair is so shiny!” Unfortunately, the head lice survived her chemical attack. The scars are still real, figuratively speaking of course!

Seemingly she wasn’t able to find a solution despite her fastidious efforts. It was a pretty sad state of affairs actually until one lucky trip to America…


When I was 12 I was taken on my very first trip to Disneyland. It was the happiest place on earth for a couple of reasons. I went on this trip with head lice… and I came back without it!

The eradication of these pesky things I believe had less to do with the magic of Disney and more to do with either the cabin pressure of the plane and a very lovely but cold side trip to snow-filled Lake Tahoe.

Either way, they were gone and never to be seen again! Hooray for me!


Now I’m aware that not everyone can gas up the jet and head for the snow and Disneyland, which is why I was happy when fellow mum and scientist Nadine Ismiel-Nash let me know about her revolutionary product NitWits All-In-One Head Lice Treatment (love the name).


Nadine has created Australia’s #1 head lice treatment and she shared with us a few tips for mums:

1. “For any child in school, including preschool and high school, weekly head lice checks are a MUST. Don’t forget to do a good check behind the ears and at the base of the neck. Preventing head lice is easier and more pleasant for kids and parents, and a good routine will make it much less likely that your child will be affected.

2. “Secure long hair in a bun or a plait to minimise ’hair-to-hair’ contact. Apply a repellent like the NitWits Anti-Lice & Detangling Spray to deter and defend against lice daily.”

3. “It’s incredibly important for you to communicate with your child’s school if head lice are discovered in your child’s hair. Also, inform friends and family so they can check for head lice as well. This is the only way all potential sources of infestation can be eliminated.”

Nadine is also the Head of Research and Development at Sue Ismiel & Daughters, the company that created the pyrethroid-free NitWits Head Lice range.



NitWits All-In-One is easy and hassle-free for parents to use and gentle for kids. The spray solution delivers a quick and easy way to kill head lice and their eggs, without the need for rigorous combing. This innovation is extremely effective with no need to repeat the treatment, unlike many other alternatives.

NitWits product range includes NitWits Anti-Lice and Detangling Spray, a head lice repellent and detangling formula designed for everyday use; NitWits Combing Solution formulated specifically for long hair; NitWits 3-in-1 Head Lice Comb (a must-have tool for checking for head lice); and the original NitWits Head Lice Foam treatment.


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  1. Liz Wylie says:

    I tried this after trying just about everything else on the market – and it worked! Two weeks lice and nit free now (we struggled with them for months).