Tips for getting a better nights sleep while you fly

The saying ‘there is no place like home’ is especially true when it comes to getting a good nights sleep.  If you’re planning a long-haul flight with kids in tow, check out our tried and tested tips for improving your chances for an ok sleep onboard…


Keep warm 

Unless you’re flying at the front of the plane, a blanket and a pillow may not be provided.  Some airlines even charge for the these – if they are available at all.

Play it safe and pack your own travel blankets and neck pillows. Not everyone likes neck pillows, so if this is you, consider a small soft pillow that you can bring in your hand luggage.

Remember also to fasten your seatbelt OVER the top of your blanket to avoid being woken by hosties.

Block the light

Avoid being woken up before you’re ready by using a sleep eye mask.  These are handy for blocking out disruptive light from fellow passengers who may be reading long after the cabin lights have been switched off or worse, have fallen asleep mid-movie while their seat back screen is still switched on.

Keep your sleep routine

Request a nightcap to help set the scene for sleep. If you’re used to a cup of tea before bed, order it to get your body ready for sleep. If you are not used to an alcoholic beverage, don’t choose to introduce this on the day of your long-haul flight… even if it is free you’ll end up paying the price.

When you’re travelling with infants, request a glass of warm milk and of course time your babies bottle just prior to sleep.  Air hostesses are very approachable and more than happy to warm your babies bottle for you.

Always check the temperature before giving it to your baby. I always found that they needed to cool down a little first.

Pick a seat that’s right for you

If you prefer to rest your head against the window, make sure that you request that seat or if you worry about not being able to get out to go to the bathroom, then choose a window seat. Not all airlines offer seat selection and of course it subject to availability where it is offered.

Switch off electronic devices an hour before sleep 

Calm your mind and body by switching from electronic devices to a book or magazine prior to going to bed.

Set the scene for relaxation the ‘natural way’

When you are travelling with small children you need to be relaxed but still alert.  I don’t recommend introducing sleeping medication for you or your children if it’s not something that you’ve ever tried before.

To help with sleep naturally, spray a herbal Sleep Mist for good measure on your pillow and blanket.  Give it a few sprays and wait for sleep to set in!Sleep Mist - Sweet Dreams - The Goodnight Co.



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