The TeddySit booster for families on the move

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I was happy to hear recently that a major hotel chain had ordered child booster seats for all of its Denmark properties. Clearly, the comfort of its smallest clients was of utmost importance.  If you’re ever visiting a Scandic Hotel, please pass on HUGE appreciation from me…this kind of initiative to welcome our kids into the dining rooms of hotels and resorts is genius.

The people behind the booster seats are called TeddySit and like most products that I seem to find of good quality and gorgeous design, they are Danish made.

My youngest was ecstatic recently when we received a TeddySit to try. 

I selected “Fido” for him to roadtest. There was a whole bunch of cute designs and characters to choose from; but I knew he’d love Fido the most. This was mostly because he really wants a dog.  I have to tell you, that this is never going to happen. We’re away too much for it to be fair to have a pet, so this Fido booster seat for now was going to be as close as he was going to get. Sometimes I feel sorry for the boys, especially when they look at me with puppy dog eyes pleading for a pet like their friends, but then I remember that they don’t exactly miss out.  Little S as an example, has only just turned 4, has been to 3 Disney Parks and already knows his way around the business class part of a plane.  I have to remind myself that we’ve chosen to give them a different type of childhood experience. How it works out…who knows….but for now this is what’s working for our family.

Since receiving the TeddySit Fido has become like another member of the family.

  • Fido is allowed at the dinner table. He helps Little S sit up properly and feel like a grown up at the right height. The boosters base is non-slip so I don’t have to worry about him falling off the chair.
  • He comes with us to the movies and gives the boost that is needed to see over the seats in front.
  • Fido has also been a comfy to support someone’s sleepy little head and a cushion. The material is super soft (it’s polyester but has a suede feel) and there is plenty of padding.
  • With so much love, I can tell you that Fido is eventually going to need a bath.  The boosters cover is removable and machine-washable at 30°C. In the meantime, the material is also coated so most food spills and liquids come off.
  • Fido is pretty easy to take places and would suit traveling families.  He comes with a convenient carry strap and weighs only 385 grams (light enough to take on the plane or in the suitcase).

Orders outside of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway for now need to be made via their website. I’ll keep you posted on any updates for an Australian distributor. For more information in the meantime, please visit

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