Over the weekend we got to participate in something pretty special. I took the boys out for morning tea to taste-test the mouthwatering new range of pancakes now available at Australia’s much loved Shingle Inn. The pancakes I have to tell you they were pretty awesome and the boys quite literally gobbled them all up. They ate an adult serve in what i’m sure was record time.

We have been fans of the Shingle Inn chain of family-owned cafes for some time (they do an amazing high-tea and are a great place to shop for quality baked treats) but they quite literally just stole our hearts and here’s why...

This year on ‘Pancake Tuesday’ they are donating proceeds from all of their pancakes sold on that day to ‘Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer’.

TV personality Carrie Bickmore formed the charity in 2015 in honour of her late husband Greg who passed away following a 10-year battle with brain cancer, with the aim to raise $1 million dollars to go towards research into brain cancer. Bickmore hopes the charity “will stop other families having to watch their loved one pass away from this insidious disease”.

We couldn’t agree more. In 2010 my father passed away from the same disease after a short 15 month battle. Just 60 years of age and he had only one year to get to know my oldest child. Two operations with legendary brain surgeon Charlie Teo, a positive attitude always and a lot of hope, but nothing could be done to stop the growth of the tumours which were ranked as the most aggressive that you could get.

And so tomorrow, if you just happen to be going out to eat and can get to a Shingle Inn, we’d love it if you could please order the pancakes. Every dollar counts towards helping us to find a cure for this devastating disease.

On the menu:
Traditional, Canadian Bacon Pancakes and Banana & Berry Pancakes at participating locations. Note: Children’s portions are available.


The Shingle Inn is a franchise network of 52 cafes throughout Australia with locations in Qld, Victoria, WA, ACT and NSW. It is family-owned and Andrew and Peter Bellchambers are second generation owners of the family business established by their parents – Noel and Barbara Bellchambers – who bought the company in 1975, the year Andrew was born!  In December we had the opportunity to meet Louise Bellchambers and her two children who are both similarly aged to our boys.


Facts on Brain Cancer:

“Around 1600 people are diagnosed with brain cancer in Australia annually and approximately 1200 die from the disease every year.  Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease and more people under 40 than any other cancer.” Source:


We enjoyed pancakes and morning tea as media guests of the Shingle Inn. All opinions are our own and correct at the time of publication.