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Serious beach fun with Tiger Tribe’s Quut Sand Toys


Our children love playing in the sand and I know this because when the come home from school and daycare, they are covered in it. Travel tip: Baby powder helps to remove sand easily from the body!

Thanks to Tiger Tribe, we recently had the opportunity to roadtest Quut Alto (a stackable sandcastle maker) and Quut Scoppi (a shovel like no other you’ve ever seen before!) with my two boys aged 6 & 4 on a recent beach holiday to Eurobodalla on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.

Our photos are real and as you can see we had fun making a big mess on the beach.  The boys used their Scoppi shovel to easily dig ditches in the sand to hide, play and bury treasure in, and they used their Alto sandcastle maker to make spectacular 3 tiered castles that were so perfect that they satisfied every OCD impulse I ever had.


The Alto sandcastle maker particularly impressed us.  How it works is that each container (there’s 3)  is filled with sand and stacked on top of each other and the containers are numbered to help little ones know which container goes on next.  Tip: When adding sand to the containers, we found that sand that was a bit wet seemed to work best.


Once all the containers are filled, you then  remove the containers one at a time or in one swift motion by grabbing the bottom container and pulling it upwards.  What’s left is an amazing sandcastle structure!  Sand Sculpting Australia eat your heart out! The more you practice the better it gets.  Our first attempt done 100% by our 4 year old is below!

IMG_1459 (1)


The Verdict:

The award winning Quut sand toys are cute and colourful. An ergonomic design also makes them easy for little hands to use and abuse (ours took a beating and seemed really strong and durable). They are BPA and latex-free and offer a safe, and fun activity for kids.

We had lots of fun with our Quut toys and know other children will too. They helped to entertain the boys on our perfect beach day in Eurobodalla and were something that they would keep going back to throughout the afternoon.

Note: We have recently discovered that these toys can also be used in the snow which makes them a great toy for all year round.


We were gifted our Quut sand toys by Tiger Tribe Australia who are the exclusive distributor of this product within Australia. All opinions are own and correct at the time of writing. For further information, please visit the Tiger Tribe website.



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