Travel smart, travel light

Ask my husband and he’ll probably tell you another story, but I like to think that i’m the queen of packing light. When packing a bag, I try to include clothing that is useful, looks good and something that can literally be worn again and in different ways. I also factor in what washes well and will dry quickly overnight.

It’s a pretty big list of considerations but over time i’ve built a good armory of travel clothing for kids.

Included in this is UK product Love My Smalls. With our smalls, we are ready for anything. Our boys have worn them for bed, for play… as an undergarment or even an outer garment because they look great. They also aren’t scratchy and that’s because they use Aussie & NZ merino. They also seem to get softer with each wash and have kept their colour.

Well worth a look if you’re looking to invest in some long wearing, good quality clothing items that will see you through photohot and cold climates with kids.

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