Listening Ears On: Choosing Kids Travel Headphones

Parents, if you’re looking for a ‘noise cancelling’ option for your holidays – don’t leave home without the kid’s headphones. 

These days it’s pretty normal for Mums and Dads to take the boredom (and sting) out of travelling with kids by packing iPads and tablets to keep them entertained.  Whilst I don’t rely on these for our travels, I do have them on hand for times when I’ve exhausted everything else in my bag of tricks.   They’re a sure-fire entertainer … unless of course, you’ve forgotten to pack them.  #handtofaceplant

There’s no worse feeling than when you’ve finally settled into your aeroplane seat, fastened ‘all the seat belts’, switched on the in-flight entertainment and realised that the earbuds provided weren’t going to cut it for sensitive little ears. They just don’t fit kids and offer zero protection.

I commonly get asked for recommendations on what type of headphones are best and with so many options available to pick from I can see why it’s confusing for parents.  My biggest advice is don’t blow the budget.  Honestly, they get lost, squashed, stomped on and broken…and you simply don’t need to spend big on them.

There are perfectly good options available including those from our friends at LASER.  They are fantastic value for money and you can pick up a pair of stereo headphones for as little as $10 AUD from your local Big W.


– Do the ear cups look comfortable? Check for soft padding.

– Is the headband adjustable to make it the perfect fit?

– Are you buying for safety? Check for in-built volume limiters.  This basically means that they will never play too loud no matter the device that it’s plugged into. So even if they turn the volume right up – their ears will be protected.

– Do they have a 3.5mm jack? This will fit the majority of portable devices and flight entertainment systems.

– Do they have a little bit of wow factor? A plain black pair of headphones doesn’t usually cut it with the kids.

If your kids are a bit older they may also be into Bluetooth headphones.  I’ve been trialing LASER’s Bluetooth headsets (RRP $29.95) and like the fact that the fact that they don’t get tangled in my handbag. The ear cups are also foldable for easy storage. 

They’ve also been good for streaming music and watching movies on the go and generally last for 12 hours (great for most flights) but can be recharged with USB within 4 hours.  You can also get them in either peach or navy blue… cause colours are important to mums too y’know! I’m not a sound expert but found them to offer a crisp, good clarity of sound. Pretty much all that I need to be happy.


LASER Headphones


Master kids travel with a set of LASER headphones.  Check out: Laser’s Blue Tooth Headphones (RRP $29.95 AUD) for mum and dad “me time” and Laser Kids Headphones  (RRP $10 AUD) are available for purchase online or at your local Big W next time you travel.

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Our Jetsetting family was gifted LASER headphones for the purposes of review and additional travel sets for giveaway. All opinions are our own and correct at the time of publication.