Genius! Racing Car Travel tape for kids – take it anywhere and keep them entertained

This neat travel activity recently caught my eye and the kind folk at Finlee & Me were kind enough to send me one to take a closer look at.

I had been saving up this activity to trial at a time when I most needed it…

That moment arrived last weekend when I was lucky enough to have a girls week
end away in Sydney.  I was leaving the kids with my husband for 36 hours.  To help overcome my Catholic guilt for “abandoning” the family for a weekend, I thought I’d surprise everyone by turning the downstairs of the house into a racing track.  Happy little people and smiling faces were the result!

The tape was easy enough to apply (and remove…) and included so much track that I have enough left over for another day.   I can see that this neat little product could be great for travel (compact, lightweight and versatile enough to make a variety of tracks).  The tape comes with one car, so if you have multiple children you might want to add a few of your own favourites; but the real winner is the track itself.  It’s sure to be a sanity saver when you need it.

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