Zootopia & Disney Themepark Dreaming


Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Australia

If you follow us on insta, you’ll know that we’re HUGE fans of Disney. So far i’ve been to 4 of the 6 parks with only Hong Kong & Shanghai (due to open in June this year) to go.

Part of my love extends to the animated films that come from Disney and when I see a new movie, I can’t help but wonder if i’m going to come across it in a three-dimensional sense at one of the parks sometime in the future.

We were fortunate to catch Disney’s latest flick, “Zootopia” a few weeks ago. This animated film brings to life a modern mammal metropolis of “Zooptopia” where animals from every environment function together. These animals go about their days living life, forging very human careers, caring for their families (a hilarious cameo from The GodFather was not lost on me!) … and basically doing all the things that we do as humans except that they are animals.

No detail has been missed in creating the land of “Zootopia” – Disney imagination doesn’t dissapoint and some very creative, fun details have been included that help make it possible for the animals to carry out their day to day life. We see Elephants working in icecream shops and a very optimistic bunny (Judy Hopps) taking on her dream of becoming a respected police officer in a force that’s traditionally filled with very big, super tough animals which can’t be easy!

The movie highlights the power of dreams and that with the right attitude anything is possible – all great messages for little people.

The plot also includes a mystery to help find one of the movies characters who has gone missing. This kept it interesting and engaging to follow; but as a heads up in parts it was a bit scary for the little ones. I’d recommend ages 6 and up for this flick, although my little one (aged 4) watched it and the few moments that I thought were a bit borderline mostly went over his head and are long forgotten.

The main characters in the comedy-adventure “Zootopia” are very likable (watch out for the Sloth…he’s our fave!) and we hope to come across them one day on a Disney adventure. I’d also love to see “Zootopia” come to life in the form of a ride at Disney someday.

So that’s what we thought. I’d love to hear from your family. How did you find “Zooptopia”? Which parts of “Zooptopia” would you like to see on your next Disney holiday?



We saw this movie as a guest of Disney Studios Motion Pictures Australia.  Disney’s “Zootopia” is rated PG and in cinemas now!

Preview – here!