Guest Blogger: Me, My Brother & His Chair. Our Paris Top 10.

IMG_6034Our guest blogging brothers Thomas and Tyler from Me, My Brother  & His Chair, along with their family have been having an amazing time on their European vacation.

Although Tyler is in a wheelchair it’s been so lovely to see the boys seeing all the same historical sights that any family would on their first time to this beautiful city. Nothing stops these guys, and especially not Tyler.




Here’s their latest update – this one is written by younger brother Thomas. I love how boys all over the world are the same. You’ll see what I mean – eating snails, checking out gargoyles and eating steak tartare all get a special mention. Very precious memories. I love it!

Thomas’ Top 10 favorite things in Paris. 

  1. Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower was fun because Tyler &  I went so high that we could see everything in Paris. It was fun in the elevator but we were so high, I was afraid we might fall. Tyler’s favorite part was the elevator ride too.  Tyler likes things with moving parts. So, this was awesome for him. It also felt cool when the wind blew and we could feel the tower move.
  2. Notre Dame Cathedral. I really like Notre Dame because of how medieval it looked. And Notre Dame had some creepy looking statues. I felt like the statues were going to come alive and chase me.  We went into the treasury to see all of the old treasures from a long time ago.  Tyler loved that.  He also had fun using his binoculars to see the stained glass windows.
  3. The Louvre Museum. I like the Louvre because there were so many cool paintings. My favorite one was the Mona Lisa. The Louvre workers let us go in front of the crowd to see the Mona Lisa better because Tyler was in a wheelchair. They were so nice to do that. Her smile is so interesting.
  4. Sainte Chapelle. I liked Sainte Chapelle because of the chapel upstairs. All of the stained glass was just so beautiful and so cool. It made me feel like it would have been so much work to do.  Tyler didn’t get to see it because the wheelchair lift was broken that day, so I took lots of pictures for him.
  5. Seine River. The Seine River was just so beautiful, even at night. I liked how the city brought in sand to make it look like a beach on one part of the boardwalk.
  6. Montmatre. Here, I had an artist draw my picture.  I liked it but I had to sit there for a long time. At a café there I tried beef tartar (raw beef with spices) for the first time.  It was good but I like spaghetti better!  I am glad that I tried it though.
  7. Sacre Coeur. It is the big churcIMG_6226h at Montmatre. Only My dad and I checked out this one. We walked in and saw them doing mass.  The bishop looked so bored! We climbed 300 steps to the top of the dome. I loved looking at the gargoyles.  The view was awesome too.
  8. Champs Elyesse.  My mom and dad and I went down to The Arc de Triomphe late one night while Tyler and my grandparents slept.  My favorite part was getting ice cream and having time with my mom and dad.
  9. Our last night in Paris we went to an Escargot restaurant. Yes, I ate snails! I was nervous. I thought that they were going to be gross, but they were ok! I am brave at trying mew things. Tyler loved the snails too!
  10. Versailles. I loved walking where KINGS walked.  I loved seeing King Louis 14, 15, and 16th‘ bedrooms.  It was all SO cool.  Tyler loved the golf cart that we rented (the one we got was made just for a wheelchair) to see the palace gardens and fountains.

Paris was fun and I’m going to miss all of the fun we had in Paris, but I’m going to have even more fun at the other places to!IMG_5855


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  1. Donna Farrer says:

    How amazing is this post?! We are going as a huge extended family and a couple of our older members are in Wheelchairs so this post really motivates me to plan on the things that we all wanted to see to begin with, now with all of us! Been into Michael Saint James’ book Bridges of Paris, a photo book of the bridges that cross the Seine. These are beautiful pictures, and we are going to see them all just after looking through his pictures! It’s a beautiful book, for his site.