Tips for keeping your tribe entertained on the go. No. 1 Tiger Tribe it!

In true Christmas spirit, we have teamed up with portable children’s gifts and toys gurus Tiger Tribe to bring you our annual MEGA Christmas giveaway. Win the gift of sanity when travelling with the kids or just trying to survive each day of the school holidays by checking out a few of our favourite things […]

It’s the high life for some lucky Australian kids

I received the results of an interesting travel study this week – apparently 30% more children are travelling in premium cabins this year. Who are these kids, where are their parents and can they adopt me! #Please! More Australian kids than ever before are flying in the “pointy end” of the plane, according to latest […]

Our weekend escape with Mitsubishi’s all-new Pajero Sport

We love nothing more than a good weekend escape. Last month we had the opportunity to take our boys on a family adventure with the all-new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport GLS, we had such a good time…it was sad to hand the keys back! The Pajero Sport was ours to enjoy for the week, so we […]

Virgin Australia unveil Kids Class…

Today Virgin Australia unveiled to the world – Kid’s Class…and possibly the best April Fools joke that we’ve seen in a while! You have to see it to believe it…Click below to watch! So what did you think? #funnynotfunny? I kind of wish it was an option and i’m pretty sure our boys would LOVE […]

5 proactive ways to avoid losing your child in crowded, public places

Nothing can describe the panic that a parent feels when their child disappears from sight in a crowded, public place. When you’re on holidays and visiting places like amusement parks, museums, shopping centers, beaches and airports crowds often go with the territory. The droves of people can’t be avoided but there are proactive things that […]

A crafty way to entertain the kids

It’s no secret that our boys are crazy about Minions! This week we’ve been trialing Just Craft’s range of DIY craft kits for kids aged 4 – 10 years old.  Each activity is designed to keep little hands busy for up to 30 minutes and because they are all inclusive sticker based kits – you […]

Guest Blogger – Me, My Brother & His Chair: 10 Planning Tips For Europe!

Our guest bloggers Me, My Brother & His Chair have been in Paris the last few days! Before they left, Thomas, Tyler and their mum Erin shared with me the preparation that they put in to get ready for their trip. Tyler is in a wheelchair so they new that they had to start planning […]

This is how we roll! We’re talking luggage and packing tips

You can never have enough free hands when travelling with kids! Travel through airports with one child was ok, but when baby #2 came along we had to rethink our strategy. We were determined that International travel and holidays did not have to stop,  so here’s what we came up with.   1. We only […]

Jetsetting Kids in the theme park capital – Orlando!

We recently returned from a mammoth adventure in the USA. We had our sights set on conquering the themepark capital of the world – Orlando! For fun we threw in a 7 night Royal Caribbean cruise and a stopover to Santa Monica on our way home Brisbane, Australia. Our itinerary went something like this: – […]

Keeping the family safe in the digital world & WIN!

These days it’s almost uncommon to find a child over the age of 13 who isn’t on social media or well-versed in using the Internet. Children are introduced to the online world at primary school age or earlier, which raises concerns about how to keep a household safe from the cybercriminals who stalk their personal […]