WIN! A Frog Orange Baby Carrier for water babies…

I could be getting old but every now and then I come across a product and think, things are definitely getting easier for new parents.  Before everyone starts throwing used nappies at me, please let me tell you why! Going to the beach, let alone swimming at the beach or pool, when my boys were […]

Guest Blogger: Taking the Kids to the Harry Potter Studio Tours – UK

We have something pretty special to share.  Guest blogger, Janine from Families Magazine mentioned to me a few months ago that was going to the UK and wanted to know if there was anywhere in particular that we’d like her to check out for families. We’re huge Harry Potter (HP) fans especially after our visit […]

Guest Blogger – Natalie Herman: Sleep consultant talks babies and fighting jet lag!

Natalie Herman is known to many parents around the world as the giver of sleep! An internationally acclaimed baby sleep consultant, she has solved sleep issues for parents living in Europe, U.S, the Middle East and Australia. Natalie is a mum and that’s why we love her. Her approach is based on her actual experiences […]

Guest Blogger: Kids Gifts & Toys – “Travelling with babes”

Travelling with children is one of the most rewarding things that you can do but it’s never easy.   Most mums (let’s call them ‘normal people’) are realistic in their concerns about travel with children in tow.    They’re wise to the fact that many blogs and Instagram accounts are fantastic at making it look […]

Guest blogger: Addicted to Maldives …with Kids!

I’m always on the hunt for new places to experience with the boys and recently came across a fantastic travel website “Addicted To Maldives”.  The site is run by the gorgeous Di, who like many of us has gone from travelling as a loved-up couple to a family traveller with children in tow. Di has […]

Guest blogger: Me, My Brother & His Chair – Take on Rome

We’re lucky to have guest blogging brothers Thomas and Tyler regularly reporting back on their adventures in Europe. This week’s update (written by younger brother Thomas) includes some valuable tips for wheelchair travel to some of Rome’s key sights. An exceptional update from our two inspirational jetsetting kids and their family is below: Thomas and […]

Guest Blogger: Me, My Brother & His Chair. Our Paris Top 10.

Our guest blogging brothers Thomas and Tyler from Me, My Brother  & His Chair, along with their family have been having an amazing time on their European vacation. Although Tyler is in a wheelchair it’s been so lovely to see the boys seeing all the same historical sights that any family would on their first […]

Guest blogger: Me, My Brother & His Chair

We were recently contacted by an an extraordinary Jetsetting Kid, Thomas. Thomas is 11 and he has an instagram account called Me My Brother And His Chair.   He writes about his travels with his brother Tyler and hopes to give others the confidence that “even with the biggest of challenges that you can still have […]

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